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Question on those Cane "Joins"?

Barry Irby
>A client asked me to make some canes. He provided the walnut and the hardware. Those brass Tee handles and the fitting that allows the cane to break down like "a two piece custom pool cue".

I made some with varying luck.

Does anyone have a proven technique for drilling the blanks? I tried the drill press, but found the bit wanders a little. So I drilled the blanks first and then turned them. Found the threads on the fittings cause the fitting to be slightly off center.

Now I am trying one where I drill and mount the fittigns on the
blank and use it to chuck the piece in the lathe. Another question. If I move the "other" end slightly on the tail center, won't the cane be crooked?

I'm thinking I need to drill and mount the fiting and then chuck it so that the tail center is in perfect alignment with the fitting and so that the fitting is perfectly "vertical" in the piece.

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Question on those Cane "Joins"?
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