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New Nova 1624-44

>OK, now I have seen it. Woodcraft does indeed have it in the stores now. Yes, it is 8 speeds changed by moving the belt from one pully to the next. Yes, the slowest speed is a reported 214, but it looks pretty slow spinning away with nothing on it. Yes, the unit as a whole looks really nice. The fit and finish is awefully good for a lathe in this price range. Even inside the pully box, the paint was complete and smooth. The motor ran smooth and quiet. On the slowest setting you could see the hole in the shaft on the back side of the headstock, not so fast that it bacame a blur at all. The tail stock and tool rest slid on the bed ways smoothly and without effort. The lock seems to be rock solid. The first time I locked the tool rest it moved with moderate effort, but I cranked the lock handle a bit more and the tool rest sat still with both a hard pull and a sharp rap of the hand. the head stock does not slide down to the end of the bed, but it does rotate. I was told and shown how it has a positive lock when it is back in line with the ways. All in all this looks like a great lathe for the dollars. A test drive would tell more. But, at least I did get to see it in person and see/hear it run. Anyone have any further info on this new piece of equipment?

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