Turning Archive 2007

New hoist over my lathe. *PIC*

Al Crandall (N.E. of Indy)
>A short time ago I asked the board for solutions to the problem of getting heavy wood from the floor to the lathe. With your help and a lot of help from my good friend Jerry near Lapel I now have the rig pictured here. The supports are a 4x4 post which is anchored to the lathe at the headstock end, and an A-frame support which rides on locking swivel casters at the tailstock end. I can easily move the loaded hoist or the A-frame with two fingers. It is less than 88" tall, so it clears the tracks of my overhead door which is near my lathe. The picture shows it sitting over a lathe other than mine, but it will soon be moved to my shop and attached to my lathe.

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