Turning Archive 2007


Barry Turner
>I was turning the ouside of a 9" Elm bowl today. I started to power sand and my cordless drill quickly ran out of steam. Not wanting to stop turning for the day, I decided to remove the Elm blank and rough another. I locked the headtock spindle and began to unscrew the blank from the Wood Worm screw held in my Super Nova 2 chuck. The blank suddenly came loose. I fumbled for it and the somewhat heavy blank came down hard on the first joint of the middle finger of my left hand, banging it against the heavy lathe bed. I lost my grip again and the blank continued it's fall downward and bounced along the floor of my shop. Sh*t! I watched as the joint of my finger began to turn a dark shade of blue and begin to throb and swell slightly! Lesson? If you drop a blank larger than an ornament.......just let it go!

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