Turning Archive 2007

Lathe not turning 'true'

Stephen Gehres
>Hi. I just got my first lathe and attempted to turn my first pen with it and I seem to have a problem. I have 2 adjustable MT2 double-mandrels, and a single 'shortie' mandrel that uses a MT2 drill chuck. Problem is that all three don't turn 'true'. They are all BRAND NEW, and they all have a slight wobble. All three roll smoothly on a flat surface, so I don't think the mandrels are the problem.

When I finished turning my first pen I ended up with the brass tubes not perfectly centered in the turned blanks. This makes the pen parts not line up correctly, and look sloppy. The blanks were pre-drilled, and I squared up the blanks with a barrel trimmer after gluing the tubes in. It seems to me that whatever I put in the Morse Taper doesn't spin perfectly.

Is there something I can do about this? Or do I need to try to return it. It is an M-Power 10" x 18" midi lathe from Rockler, but I purchased it in November. I just now got around to giving it my first spin-up.

Thanks for any helping hand you can lend.

~Steve Gehres

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