Turning Archive 2007

Quiet board today.

john lucas
>I guess everyone is watching football or working. I've been in the shop as much as possible. It's a 3 day weekend but I had to work Saturday night shooting kids with our school mascot. If I had to make my living photographing kids I would probably become a mass murderer.

Anyway, I did get a lot done in the shop so far. Finished 5 ornaments, put more finish on a platter, and made some more headway on a lamp I'm working on.

I'm currently building a jig to hold my Dremel so I can try it to cut the vertical lines for the brick pattern I've been playing with.

I built another index wheel for the other Jet mini using a table saw jig. I'll get all the instructions for making these on our club website one of these days before long.

Inbetween all that I've copied 2 pieces off an antique cabinet for a client and I'm trying to work out the finishing for a table top I made for him. It has to match the finish on a piece of pine he gave me. It's being a little more difficult than usual. Waiting for all the samples to dry for another round of tests is what I'm doing now, that and eating lunch.

Now I've got to make trip to town for some screws and I'll probably hit the gym for a workout, then back home to finish the Dremel jig and hopefully get really close on the table top finish.

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