Turning Archive 2007

Making a signature brand

Steve Antonucci
>Don't recall who, but someone volunteered the idea of making your own signature brand out of some brass stock, and the idea's been stuck in my head all week.

I thought I had some brass, but it turned out to be plated aluminum from an old nameplate back in my office job days. I'm thinking I'll probably do something as follows:

Order a small quantity of brass stock from Enco, and drill a hole in it. I have some steel rod stock, so I'll tap the hole and thread the steel so they can be joined mechanically. Probabaly turn a small wooden handle for the back end.

I own a Dremel and I'll engrave some design in the brass. To use this to sign a piece, I figure I can heat it with a torch.

Obvious couple of questions- How hot do you need to heat it to "sign"? Assume hotter=darker? Can you heat brass so much it melts with a propane torch?

Any other pitfalls?



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