Turning Archive 2007


keith tompkins
>To answer a couple of questions, the last time I communicated with Ellis, nobody he contacted was interested in hosting the Wed. nite chat; at least not on a regular basis.

I believe the chat must be structured, and topics for the chat must be posted in advance. Perhaps on a temporary basis, interested parties could post ideas for a chat during the week....the most popular idea becomes the topic for the chat AND whoever proposed the idea is host for that week's chat.

As far as I'm concerned, any turning related topic is fair game, and all opinions and ideas should receive the same consideration. And, everyone who frequents this site should feel welcome to sit in on the chat sessions.

I don't make it to many chat sessions, there just isn't time in my schedule, but I wouldn't mind hosting once in a while. I may be able to line up a few guest turners if there is enough interest.

I'm open to any other suggestions here.

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