Turning Archive 2007

Winners of the ornament contest *LINK*

John Lucas
>Sorry this took so long. Ron was helping me put the photos together so you all could see them and I just simply had to work too much to answer his e-mails on a timely basis. Thanks Ron for all the help.

I had my 3 judges here in the office pick the winners and their wasn't a consensus so I went around the building and asked 20 different people to pick the 3 they liked best. You'll be interested to note that every ornament in the group got more than one vote. Finally the with enough judges the top 2 emerged.

1st place was Ric Taylor with the Acorn ornament

Ric will get the set of ornament tools that I made.
2nd place was Don Orr with the Snowmen

Don will get the ornament wood blanks fro Pete kekel.

It was extrememely close for 3rd place which I'll call honorary mention between Dennis Audelin's light bulbs, Earl kennedy's Pen,and Bar Siddiqui's assembled pieces. Dennis finally pulled away by one vote.

The 2 winnners need to send me your snail mail address so That Pete Kekel and I can send the winners thier prize.

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