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Scroll Chucks - Confusion for a newbie...

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hi. Me again.

I posted last week about making an urn. Lidded boxes were suggested. So I looked into that. I know there are other ways to do it, but this is also a new tool opportunity(!)- I want a scroll chuck and my B-day is fast approaching. My wife asked me the other night what I wanted and I answered her just like Ralphie did in the Christmas Story movie about the BB Gun. I replied quickly and without hesitation "A scroll chuck for my Jet mini!". She had no idea what I was talking about. I think she thought I was swearing at her. Not sure.

I was about to order the Teknatools Precision Midi Scroll Chuck Kit from Lee Valley. Then, as I looked into things further by going to the Teknatools web site, I find a Nova G3 Chuck. What the heck is that? It's only slightly more and appears to be 'geared'. What's that mean? Is it better then the other Tekna chuck? I thought the Nova stuff was a different company. Is it the same as OneWay? Guess not. I'm so confused....

So, if I buy this Nova G3 1X8tpi, do I need anything else to start playing around making boxes and small bowls? Are there other parts that go with this G3 that are must haves? I suppose a bowl gouge, but other than that, anything else?

Thanks a ton.

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