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Way OT: Happy Bday to Me!!!

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

Way off topic, sort of, but happy B-Day to me!!! Two big birthday surprises were that 1) the mrs basically insisted I go ahead and order a set of the John Jordan hollowing tools, so I did! They should arrive soon and I cannot wait to start playing! I got the 1/2 inch size and the 18inch red handle. 2) Second surprise was that my work friends gave me a print of Jackson Pollack's Lavendar Mist!!! It is huge and very, very cool! It's going to look awesome hanging in my office at work.

Finally, I am taking a half day of holiday this afternoon and plan to spend it playing the wood shop, turning and turning and turning! I am making a bowl for a friends daughter to "auction" to help pay for a running trip to Austrailia!

I hope everyone has as great of a day as mine has been so far!



Still young at heart, but soccer makes the knees feel old in Apex, NC!!!

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