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How to process this hunk of wood

Steve Kubien
>Evening everybody,

Whilst visiting my semi-local tree dump I came across a branch about 8" in diameter which is bent at a tight 90 angle. Standing up it looks like a capital "L". Each arm is just shy of 24" long. I'm not sure what wood it is (pine/spruce I think) but the shape grabbed me so home it came. Now, what to do with it...

I've only got a mini lathe and 10" diameter is as big as I can go. Do I cut the arms off, leaving a vee shaped chunk and turn a bowl, knowing that the pith will remain in parts? Do I cut off the arms and slab it, removing the pith, and go for a plate of some sort? No matter what species it is, I think there should be some neat grain inside. I really don't want to mess it up if I can avoid it.

Thanks for your insights.

Steve Kubien
Ajax, Ontario
P.S. Finished my first bowl about a week ago! I'll post a pic for your amusement when I find where my daughter hid it (she really liked it).

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