Turning Archive 2007

Techniques for sanding spalted woods?

Steve Antonucci
>I have some spalted/punky/wormy/almost too far gone maple that I grabbed from a large tree on the roadside a year or so back. There are spots that are too far gone (pinch a handful), and others that are spectacularly spalted.

In the past, if I sand this type of maple, the spalt dust muddies up he clear sections and it doesn't have the same visual appeal. I have used pretty good technique to turn a form, but some areas were so soft that even Ellsworth couldn't cut them cleanly!

Before you say that life is too short to turn bad wood, you'd need to see this. It's not bad wood (most of it...) Does anyone have any hints for sanding (by hand) on wood this delicate? Would it help to spray a coat of lacquer or CA first to cut down on the dust staining?

All thoughts appreciated.


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