Turning Archive 2007

Time Capsule?

Dennis in Southern Oregon
>I have been asked by my daughter to turn a "Time Capsule" for my 11-year old granddaughter. The intent is to fill it with memorabilia from the present time and then seal it for 10 - 20 years before opening it. Although the concept is not new, I am a bit puzzled as to what kind of container would be most appropriate. I would think that the volume of the container should be a quart or more and that the opening should be fairly wide to allow items (papers, pictures, trinkets, etc) to be retrieved easily. Also, I would want the capsule to be decorative and suitable for long-term display. I suppose that there should be some provision for sealing the container to prevent casual opening of it before the appointed time but that would not require destruction of it in order to open it.

Does anyone have any suggestions? Dennis

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