Turning Archive 2007

Good weekend *LINK* *PIC*

Wayne Kuhn
>It all started Saturday with my 2 brothers and myself making our annual pilgrimage to the woodworking show. We had breakfast at 10 then to the show. I ran into some guys from my turning club Baltimore Are Turners (BAT), spent my Christmas money and then some.
Had lunch back into the show, spent some more money. It was a fun day.
On my way to the show I noticed one of my neighbors had a large tree cut down, Hmm I wonder what they are going to do with all that wood? Note to self, Stop by on the way home. On my way home I was following a truck that looked very much like an arborist truck. Sure enough they pulled up to that big stack of wood. "Would you mind if I took a piece or two?" I asked. "You can have all you want, it will save us the trouble of hauling it away" they replied. Score. "What kind of tree is it?" I inquired. "Maple" Double score.
They even loaded it on my truck for me.
Sunday me and my little saw got to work. The weather was nice, saw was running great, My back started complaining and I figured I would give my saw a break after cuttin 5 of the 8 logs into turning blanks. I then sealed all of them. Average size is 14" round x about 6 "thick. This Wednesday at our club meeting a few of them will be raffle prizes.
It was a good weekend.

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