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Ruth Niles
>I was just making out my schedule for 2007 shows for vendor's booths. I'm bummed, this is the first time I have to make a choice because shows are scheduled for the same date. I love the Albany show but they are on the same weekend as the Ohio Valley show, which I already registered there; bummer. North Carolina moved their show to a larger location and have a terrific lineup, I was so excited about having a booth there, they scheduled the same weekend as SWAT, where I did extremely well and have been getting a steady stream of orders from those wonderful Texans. I'm totally bummed because my shows are cut in 1/2 and I'm going to miss a lot of fun!

I'm surprised the planning committees wouldn't want their own weekend. Now NC is not that close to TX, except for me since my car can't read a map, but NY is too close to OH to do this to me!

just one vendors rant

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