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Scroll Chucks

Joe in a Cleveland suburb
>Hello again.

The other day I posted asking about urns. Some of you emailed and posted suggesting I look into lidded boxes. Which I've been doing.

It looks like I would need a scroll chuck. I have a Jet Mini I bought 4 or so years ago. Looking at my Lee Valley catalog, I found:
1.) Teknatool Scroll Chuck.
2.) Oneway Scoll Chuck.

Other than about an $80 difference, what's the difference? For the little bit I will use it, is the Teknatool good enough?

Please correct me if I'm wrong, but it looks like the Teknatool Scroll Chuck kit for $109 is all I would need. Right? Also, if I get the Teknatool chuck, do I need the 3/4 X 16 tpi or the 1" X 8 tpi?

I must say, it is kinda fun coming over here once in a while from the hand tool and flat side. I'm usually on the regular message board everyday. I find if I go over to the hand tools side and to the turning side it balances things out so I don't drop off and down one of the slopes... :)

Thanks for the help,

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