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Finally Turning Again, pic *PIC*

Ken DeMarco
>Well, 2006 was a long, busy year filled with all kinds of woodworking, but almost none on the lathe. I spent the year building a horse barn, fencing our property, and getting setteled into country life with our horses and other animals. just as I thought I was getting ready to turn again my basement shop flooded, there went two more months. Anyway, I have finally been back on the lathe for the last several weeks, with my new years resoloution to spend at least some time every week turning (we will see how long that lasts)
Here is a pic of something I turned out of cherry for a christmas present (2 weeks late) It is 5.5" tall and 7.5" wide a fairly uniforn thickness of just over 1/8" let me know what you think
Ken DeMarco
Turning again outside Benton Ridge, OH

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