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John Jordan hollowing tools/handle

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I am nearly decided on a mid-sized hollowing tool. I really like the looks and reviews the Jordan 1/2 inch hook tool. It seems like a nice size between my shop made mini set and a full sized set. I've been using my Sorby Multi-tip for a while, but want to try something that doesn't require quite so large an entry hole. Also, as many in the archives have pointed out, I really wish the handle on that multi-tip was much longer when I am hollowing. So, I'm thinking the Jordan hook tool, and long handle, should do nicely for pieces in the size range I want to work, namely 4-7 inches across and 4-7 inches deep. I am spinning on a Jet Mini. I am not (at this time) looking for an arm brace set or a captive, stabilizer bar type system. I'm not currently looking to do anything that big! I really want to get fairly proficient at doing it "blind" and "free hand" before trying on of those systems. Getting just a midsized hooker tool seems like a nice way to get my feet wet.

So, long story short, I've two questions.

1) If you have used the Jordan tools and want to comment on them, good or bad, I would love to hear it.

2) I really want a good sized handle for the hook tool, but the longest I can make on my mini (no bed extension) is about 13 inches. And since I really don't have any need for the extension other than a bigger handle, I thought I would just "bite the bullet" and buy a bigger handle. I've seen a Housalik one in person and it seems very nice, but was wondering if anyone had seen/used the Jordan handle. Not the arm brace handle, but the straight, brightly colored ones? I'm just curious what they feel like, what they are made out of, etc. I am also curious about how they handle getting dirty? Wood ones or metal ones are easy to clean up, but I just don't know exactly what his are made out of.

Anyway, sorry to be so long winded. I am excited about adding a mid-sized hollowing tool to my arsenal!

Thanks in advance,


PS, the Wood Central archive continues to be a wonderful source of information. I've spent the last day or so poking around the "hollowing" threads and that has greatly helped in making my decision and increasing my knowledge about the different hollowing tools out there. Many, many thanks to you all!

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