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>So, what's up with the AAW?

I must have fallen asleep under the Christmas tree or something. I seem to have missed some important message, that now seems to be missing from their Home Page, pertaining to renewing memberships and the contest for the PM Lathe, bad software, missing funds and lord knows what all. There is a thread that was started with some pointed remarks about the software and funds, etc. but nothing you can hang your hat on.

I went to the AAW site to sign up and enter the drawing before the 12/31/06 deadline but all the links were gone as were any mention of the drawing. I sent an e-mail to AAW some time back and still have yet to hear from them. I guess they have all the members they need so I will stick with my local chapter. Seems like an odd way to run a 12,000 member organization but then I have trouble just keeping the shop clean.

If anyone can shed some factual light on what is going on, it would be appreciated.

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