Turning Archive 2007

Soap soakers - HELP!!

Ed Moore
>I have been told about the drying method for bowls in which they are soaked in a solution of water and Costco dishwashing liquid. Well, there are no Costcos around here, so I went to Sam's Club and bought several large containers of orange Palmolive liquid dishwashing detergent. After putting a lot of water into a large container I started adding the Palmolive. Before long I realized that the liquid soap was concentrated and I have a LARGE container of orange gel into which I have placed several large bowls. I have more than twice as much water as soap, but the gel consistency is persistent.

My questions: 1. Is the Kirkland liquid dishwashing detergent from Costco concentrated?

2. Is there a snowball's chance that this concentrated solution will have the desired effect?

3. Should I withdraw some of the gunk and add more water until I get a more dilute solution?


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