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Make an Urn - what's it take?

Joe in a Cleveland suburb

Last Saturday we had to have out 18 year old kitty put to sleep.

She is being cremated. I was planning on making a small box for her, Gizmo, out of some scrap figured maple or something. Then I started thinking about my little Jet and wondered how difficult would it be to turn a small simple urn.

My turning experience is limited to once or twice a year use making knobs! Also, I don't have any fancy attachments/jigs and so on for bowl making. Just the faceplate, a drill chuck and a limited number of gouges and so on.

What does it take to make something like an urn? Are there any online videos showing any of the steps involved? I recall a video at our local library I plan to check out this weekend, but I thought I'd come here and ask the experts.

Maybe this would be too much due to lack of experience on my part. Maybe I shouldn't use this particular job as a learning experiment. So I might just end up making a nice little box for her. But, again, just thought I'd see what you folks think.

I tried searching messages before posting this question but I keep coming up with tons of messages due to the string "urn" which is of course in a lot of words... maybe I did it wrong.

Thank you.

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