Turning Archive 2007

Stihl problem

Ed Moore
>Below I described how my Stihl MS310 had a crankshaft problem after 3 1/2 years of moderate use. Actually, I think it was the connecting rod that cracked and a bearing was slipping that caused the engine to bind. It was declared economically unrepairable.

It was suggested that I contact Stihl and see if they might be interested in ameliorating the situation. I got on their website and sent them an e-mail explaining the situation. I did not suggest a solution, but indicated my disappointment. I also pointed out that I had upgraded to an MS361.

Yesterday, for a disabled neighbor, I sawed up most of the limbs of a large poplar tree that fell over a few months ago. I DO like the new saw and the additional power. And sawing poplar is a lot easier than red oak. ;^D

I will let you know of the response from Stihl, if any. In the e-mail I mentioned the discussion here.


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