Turning Archive 2007

Spindle work *PIC*

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>This is what I've been up to lately...
Jim Cox, a member of our AAW chapter who runs an established cabinetmaking/high end crafts business was overloaded with work before Christmas and asked me to take over this spindle turning job for him--183 spindles total, for a balcony railing and stairway in a former church building being remodeled as a private dwelling.
These were pre-turned to rough stage by Jim on a homeowner-quality Delta duplicator machine attached to his lathe, and then passed on to me for the detail and finishing with hand tools. They are paint-grade spindles, sanded to just 120 grit and by no means perfectly matched to each other which might be apparent upon close examination of the photo.
This job has been an enjoyable challenge for me--I've done small batches of spindle multiples in the past, but none in this amount. Biggest challenge was working without any type of steady rest aside from my left hand, wrapped around the spindle as it guided the skew chisel along the long, straight section.
These were all turned from poplar, 1 3/4" square in lengths from 24" to 38". I still have about 50 to do--some 34's, 15 of the 36's and 22 38's. Here's just 8 of the 34" ones:

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