Turning Archive 2007

Wolverine - Make your own - alternatives?

Joe in a Cleveland suburb

I wonder over here once or twice a year since that's about how often I use my little Jet. I was making a feeble attempt at turning some Shaker type knobs over the weekend and decided I'm sure my little spindle gouge is way past due for sharpening.

I brought out my Ernie Conover tape to review sharpening. Not much detail was provided though other than showing the use of the Wolverine jig. I also remember the visit I had with Jim Pugh and he showed me some sharpening tips. Anyway, I checked the price of the Wolverine. For the small amount of turning I do right now, I don't want to buy one.

I did some searches but didn't really find what I am looking for. I remember seeing detailed plans for making your own Wolverine type jig. Anybody have a link to such plans?

Are there any other jigs other than the Wolverine that may be a little less $$? There's got to be alternatives.


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