Turning Archive 2007

Bad news, Good news

Ed Moore
>A little over 4 years ago I bought a Stihl MS310 with a 20" bar. I have been harvesting some red oak that is about 3 1/2 feet in diameter. As I was finishing up a cutting session I couln't restart the saw, so the next day I took it to a Stihl dealer to be fixed. I got a call today and was told that the crankshaft was broken and that the cost to repair it would be almost the same as the replacement cost. Not good.

I went to the dealership and asked for a recommendation. I felt that it wouldn't hurt to have a little more power and came home with an MS361 with a 20" bar. It has more power and is actually slightly lighter. The 310 is a middle grade saw and the 361 is in the pro range. I like the upgrade. I came home and attacked the red oak again and was impressed. The only pain is in the wallet, since there is a $200 difference in price. The good news is that the chains I have will also fit the new saw.

The repairman said that he has never seen a broken crankshaft on a Stihl before. And a bearing was apparently slipping also. Anyone else have a similar problem?


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