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[AD] Coming Soon! The Tallassee Store Co. Gallery

Ellis Walentine

Coming Soon!
The Tallassee Store Co. Woodturning Gallery

It is my great pleasure to announce a new outlet for woodturners who want to sell their work. My plan is to open the gallery for business at the end of March or early in April depending on the weather. The Tallassee Store Co. is located on US 129, otherwise known as the Dragon. This road is a haven for motorcycle riders and sports car drivers of all types. Thousands of vehicles pass the store building every weekend during riding season and most of them carry folks with disposable income. I plan to provide a place to let them get off the road for at least a little while. Current plans call for a specialty coffee/tea bar with pastries and fresh breads for sale. Other attractions will be added as we think of them.

This is a call for interested woodturners to submit their work for consideration, as well as a request for information regarding issues that you have had in past dealings with other galleries. I have to design and build display space, lighting, etc., and would appreciate any help I can get. Your experiences will be invaluable. If I can paraphrase Ellis, I want this gallery to be "by and for" woodturners.

I'm currently working on insurance and contracts and will have information on those issues within the next several days. I want to make sure that the artist is as well-protected as the gallery. Initial sales will be on a consignment basis, but the long term goal is to be able to purchase work directly from the artist.

You can contact me at glevans@hughes.net. If you prefer to use the phone, my cell number is 865-643-0061. A phone at the store will be coming soon.

Thanks everyone,
Gary Evans
Tallassee Store Co.

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