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making bricks *PIC*

john lucas
>It's been a typical day for me with about 6 projects going at once. This is one I'm working on. I have a piece I'm designing that needs bricks so I spent the day off and on working on how to do it. This is no 3.

Here's the process so far. Turn and sand, raise the grain and sand. Dye the wood. Spray with lacquer. Put it back on the lathe and turn the horizontal grooves. Use a custom made woodburning point to cut/burn the vertical lines. Fill the lines with drywall mud. Wipe it away and then coat with lacquer.

It's not bad but I'm having trouble with the vertical lines. The burner isn't making the lines very deep so you have to be really careful when cleaning the drywall mud. It also leaves a slight burned residue that shows. I may be able to sand the burn off since it's kind of on the top layer of lacquer.

On the final one I will spend more time with the dye and my airbrush to alter the color of some of the bricks. I may add some tooth brush type splatter spots as well. I'll probably dye the drywall mud a light gray as well.

Anyone have any suggestions on improving this method. I'm going to sharpen the burning tip more to see if it will penetrate the wood deeper. I don't want to turn the heat up anymore because it will scortch the lacquer more. I tried not sealing it with lacquer but the mud starts filling in any grain or small holes in the wood and dilutes the color of the bricks.

I'll try another test or two tomorrow. I may make a Christmas ornament. The look of brick in a really thin light ornament should be fun. Maybe I can make a chimney with a santa. :)

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