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“The Art of Wood Turning” *LINK*

Ron in Drums PA
>One of the Christmas gifts I received was a book going by the title of “The Art of Wood Turning” by William Klene

If the title and the author don’t sound familiar it is because the book was written in 1921. It’s interesting to find out what has and what has not changed over the years.

There weren’t bowl gouges or scroll chucks back then. Bowls where hollowed out with a round scraper. There where skews and skew scrapers. The skew scraper looks like a square scraper with a longer bevel on just one side. And here’s the kicker, it’s used like a skew in a planning mode with the bevel facing you. I plan on trying that one. There where three version of the skew scraper, flat, right-hand and left- hand. The later two where ground on an angle.

There is a chapter about sharpening on a wheel then honing (whetting) it with a stone. Same arguments then as today as to why this is important.

It was funny to note that this book was intended for boys as a school book and for home craftsmen once electric motors on lathes and electric outlets to plug in the lathe become more common.

The chapter named “Segment Work” caught my attention. There is project for an ashtray stand where the “bowl” had 6 segments. There is also a 6 segmented serving tray and a captains wheel clock

I chuckled when I read the section about finishes on any type of item that will be used for food.
“No Finish Is The Best Finish”, it said.
I couldn’t help thinking of Russ Fairfield.

All in all, I enjoyed reading this book. It made me realize what is old is new once again.

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