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Segmented Turning Question

Steve in NC
>Happy New Year Everyone!

I have been off my feet for the past six weeks due to knee surgery. (Turned a few small items sitting at the mini but not much else.) To pass the time I have been reading up on segmeented turning which I hope to start on when I can once again stand in two weeks.

The books I have read so far show using a wide belt sander to flaten the rings after initial glue up. I do not have a wide belt sander nor do I plan on getting one (I am saving my $$ for a PM 3520).

Is it necessary to have a wide belt sander to flaten segmented rings or can it be accomplished with a belt sander. Or can one be very careful with the glue up and avoid sanding altogether.

Aslo, I plan to build the sled in Ron Hampton's book. Anyone have any experience with this setup?

Thanks in advance for your advice.


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