Turning Archive 2006

A few Christmas gifts - first, a bed *PIC*

David Breth
>my ability is not near what I see posted here regularly, but I thought I'd share. What I lack in ability I make up for with enthusiasm and variety. First at bat is the 4-post bed I made for my daughters' doll. I actually purchased bannister spindles for this, then turned them to the shape I wanted. Two reason - I didn't have sufficient stock to do the posts myself, and secondly, this pretty much guaranteed I would have square pieces to work with. So, the bottom two inches of post is some factory's work. SWMBO picked the fabric, did the sheet and pillow.

I thought my daughter would flip out. Instead, she said "Did you make me a bowl??" No sweetheart. I made a bed for Ella!! Oh. Thanks daddy.

I show her nearly every bowl I make, and even at age 4 has an understanding that daddy's hack bowls are a special thing - and apparently she wanted daddy to share that which she had seen me do for others, for her. So, I did what any dad would do. I took her to my shop, and let her pick out the wood daddy would make a bowl from. One english walnut bowl in process. Ella's bed has since been well-accepted.

By the way, these photos were taken in compromising positions at compromising times, so please excuse the locations, etc.

David B.

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