Turning Archive 2007

Using a hook tool? (long)

Carole Valentine
>I have a Kelton hook tool and am having some trouble learning to use it. Hoping someone can shed some light. First of all, I am assuming that a hook tool is to be used on end grain. Right? I have mounted a piece of very dry magnolia to practice on, but at this rate it would take me 2 weeks to hollow the piece. Should the tool only be used for fine finishing cuts? I looked at Darrell Feltmate's video on using a hook tool and that got me started, but it still seems very difficult to use. I will say that the very light cuts I can get with it leave an extremely smooth finish on endgrain, but I know I must be doing something wrong because it takes so much effort even though it has been honed and seems to be very sharp. I have a feeling that this is one of those things that needs "in-person" instruction. :( I am posting below a few photos of the tool, the shavings I am getting, etc. The angle of the tool can be adjusted somewhat and the set screw either tightened or loosened a bit as a sort of clutch in the event of a catch. Any tips are appreciated.

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