Turning Archive 2006

Help me spend my Rockler gift card (on a Tormek?)

>I originally posted this on the main messages board, but given that the discussion quickly focused on sharpening turning tools, I thought I'd bring it over here.

My brother gave me a Rockler gift card for Christmas. I've been looking at their catalog, and I really can't seem to find anything that I want/need. What I have been thinking about is a grinder, since I am starting to get into woodturning and the only sharpening equipment I have are waterstones, which I use for my plane blades and bench chisels, and which I am very happy with. But, I think I'll need something different for woodturning tools. Rockler doesn't sell any regular grinders. I could put the gift card towards a Tormek from Rockler, but I'm not sure if this is overkill for my needs.

Any suggestions? Or should I go for the Tormek?

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