Turning Archive 2006

Power sanding question

Jim Swank
>I've been using the wavy edged gold sanding discs (2" size) for some time now, and have been pretty well satisfied with the results. I've been using them on the Packard #125902 holder, along with a replaceable inner pad between disc and holder.

The holders last pretty well too, eventually failing by the foam separating from the plastic backer. I'm unlikely to change my sanding habits much at this point in time. Now I see Packard offering a "Pro" holder for a few more bucks.

Question #1 - Is the "Pro" holder likely to outlast the holder I've been using by enough to justify the price difference? Is there another holder that's likely to serve me better than either?

Question #2 - When it's time to buy more discs, is there another disc I'm likely to like even better than the gold wavy edge discs I've been using?

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