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Donna Banfield
>Greetings! Earlier in the year I posted a question about under the floor dust collection. What sounded like a good idea in theory, turned out to be a bad one. After hearing from many Woodcentral and Wowies, who had personal experience with this type of dust collection, (which was, pretty much, Bad Idea), we (my husband and I)scrapped the idea, and proceeded with the Barn building.

Below is a link to Photobucket, which contains a year's sampling of the work that we've done so far. This work could not be done without the help of two very good friends/club members, who appear in the photos. BTW, the husband is Dave.

Specs are 28 x 40 two story gambrel, timber frame. We're cutting the trees and milling nearly all the beams and siding.

As we come to the end of 2006, I would like to thank everyone on this list who have contributed and generously shared with me their knowledge, skills and techniques.

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New Barn Progress *LINK*
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