Turning Archive 2006

Santa dream

Tom Libby
Santa visited me in my dreams last night. He said, "Since you have been such a good boy (that was a gift in itself since I am goin on 65) here is what you get for Christmas: I'm putting you in touch with an angel who will give you $27.50 per hour for turning whatever artsy stuff you fancy. We'll use the proceeds from the sale of your work to help alleviate world poverty and stuff like that. Oh, and plus I'll throw in whatever new lathe or other toys you want for producing your stuff. One more thing- would you be interested in teaching woodturning to some of my elves? We'd like to pass your great art down the generations of new turners."
Well, I woke up to a beautiful, real Christmas morning today. I still have ahead of me those wonderful challenges of improving my skill and originality, and finding ways to sell my stuff on limited time and cash. And I don't have to ask my brothers and sisters on Woodcentral what the best lathe in the world is, cost not being a consideration.
Well, time to close this missive and get ready for the Day.
Merry Christmas, all!

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