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Turning Exchange - Offer -

Colin Spencer

As David is unable to run the exchange this year (my thanks to him for trying to do it under difficult circumstances) I am prepared to do it as long as you all still want to take part. Rather than give David any more hassle and as some of you may no longer wish to take part I will create a new list of participants.

I propose that you email me with the details below by 8am EST on Friday 29th December. I will create the exchange list that day and email out the details by the end of 30th December. Items to be posted out to recipient no later than the midnight of 3rd January 2007. Hopefully that will mean that everyone will get them no too long after the festive season.

The details that I would like in your email are
Ideal location of recipient

If once you have sent your item you send me a photo (~100k in size) I will create a page on my site showing all the pieces.

As I am retired I will be able to do the necessary work in the time available and I would like to give something back for all the help that you and Woodcentral give.

(My piece is already in the US waiting for a mailing address).

Seasons Greetings to you and your families


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