Turning Archive 2006

Turning Exchange Update :-(

David Propst

When I announced I wanted to manage the turning exchange I best quote my wife, "what were you thinking, you have no time as it is!". Since then I was slammed with final exams (Nurse Practitioner Masters Program) and as soon as they were done I have been working literally every day since during the break to help pay for next semester (I work full time). My daughter's Santa presents are under my lathe because that is where no one goes lately :-(

Anyway, just having the time to reply to the 150+ e-mails I have received has been impossible, so I'm posting this here.

The short of it is I cannot manage the exchange this year, though I would absolutely like to do it more than anything I can think of for my turning friends. Last year the exchange generated over 350 emails and took many, many hours and I now more realistically understand I don't have time to do this. I am also embarrassed. A few folks mentioned they might pick this up this year, if you are still interested let me know, or just start it up here.

Sorry to disappoint you all,

One day to again be a turner and not just a lurker...

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