Turning Archive 2006

How I am spending my Chistmas vacation *PIC*

John Pickett
>I mentioned the other day that I have recently had an elm tree brought down in my front yard. The tree died inexplicably eary this summer when it started getin really hot and dry. Most of the bark popped of of it in the hot dry weather.

They cut it down Dec. 7 (i guess you could say it was a tree cut in infamy). Anyway I have worked on it some since then but have a chunk of time this weekend to get a good bit cut.

Should I leave some of it long, uncut? should I cut it into blocks, slabs? I have tried to seal the end of some of it with latex, but that didn't take too well. It already has a good may checks and some splits.

I just wanted to post some pics of my good fortune, but suggestions are certainly appreciate. (also have a good bit of Bois dArc out back)

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