Turning Archive 2006

Introduction - I found you! (longish)

John Pickett
>A few years back I posted regularly on a turner's group on the old usenet. I really enjoyed it, and learned a lot. At that time I lived in the Texas Hill Country and belonged to the Central Texas group in Austin and Hill Country Turners in Kerville. I turned pens, bowls, and small craft stuff, as well as commission work for a cabinet company, out of my small shop in Llano - except when I had some commission stuff (mostly leggas for kitchen island) that were too big for my jet 1236 and I went to Kerrville where James Johnson was kind enough to let me use his monster lathe.

I have not turned, however, since 2001, and am getting back into it. I couldn't remember how to get back to the old web group, but looking around, I seem to remember a lot of the names I have seen here. So I am assuming I found at least some of you.

I have been lurking here for a little while, but have decided to dive right in, thus this introduction.

I may need help with some of the abbreviations and shorthand, as well as those little maraschino cherries at the beggining of some of the posts. LOL I look forward to getting to know yall.

A question about posting pictures. Can I post/upload directly from my computer, or do I neet a website/photobucket arrangement. I would appreciate your suggestions. Thanks!

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