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Yes, you *CAN* sharpen a Sorby SpindleMaster

Peter Teubel
>The Sorby SpindleMaster is nothing more than a flute-less gouge and thus can be sharpened the same way. Simply put it in the v-arm of the Wolverine jig, match the bevel to the wheel, and grind away. The first time will take a bit longer because you are converting a flat bevel to a hollow ground bevel. Once you've done that, polish the bevel with a motorized felt wheel using your choice of compound (I use the green stuff). Then hone/polish the top using the flat side of the felt wheel. Don't want a hollow grind? Use a belt sander or the side of the Tormek wheel instead of a grinder.

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Yes, you *CAN* sharpen a Sorby SpindleMaster
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