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Home made indexer *PIC*

Earl Kennedy
>Here are pictures of my home made indexer.I used a car starter band for the indexer.I brazed a 1" washer in the middle so it would fit the lathe.You could Use epoxie and just glue it to.Don't recomend using the lathe to turn with this set up on it.It has 168 groves.The arm is just a piece of steel with a hole drilled in it for a bolt that will engage the groves.It has been ground to a v shape so it fits the groves.I just use 2 very big rubber bands to hold it in the groves.I used a small router to cut the groves.Sorta like John Lucas design.To try it out the table and guide strip are just clamped to the lathe.It does a really good job.The groves in the picture don't look right but they are perfect.I plan to make a table and guide piece that bolts to the lathe and shoud be easer to use.I also want to make it so it can be tilted up so I can cut groves at a angle and not just horizional.I also have 2 more indexers.One is a bicycle spocket and the other is a big spocket .Use this design at your own risk.There are more pictures on WOW.

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Home made indexer *PIC*
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