Turning Archive 2006

Lumber? for a turned leg

Alan Young
>Dear Round Work people,

I hardly ever venture to this side but I have a project coming up that will require a bit of lathe work.

I will be building a desk with turned legs. The stock required is 3" square/diamter... The profile will look like this.

The wood will be cherry. I am wondering about the +'s and -'s of making these legs from solid 3" stock or laminating stock to that thickness.

The laminations will have a glue line and even though I'll likely be be applying a stain to even the color I suspect the line may show. My question about the solid 3"+ stock is what do I need to look out for in turning something this thick? Will it check and crack? That would be worse than a glue line. How do I avoid such problems or any related
issues? I am posting this on the main message forum also.



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