Turning Archive 2006

Maple Hollow Form (PICS)

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

This is a maple hollow form with rosewood collar. This one was very fun for me because it was my first hollow form that I've taken straight from the tree to finished product! I've turned a few from dried timber, but never from wet. I roughed it back in April or so, alcohol soaked it and set it on the shelf. About 2 weeks ago, I mounted it up and finished it. The maple was a little soft, but still turned nicely. I like the one line of ambrosia across the top.

It is about 7 inches across and 4 high. I left it pretty thick as again it felt soft and sounded thin to me. It is about 1/4 inch thick, maybe a bit less at the rim. Finish is Tried and True and then buffed. It's a Christmas gift and is already wrapped and under the tree!

I think the form is ok. My pictures need work, for sure. The bottom could be a little smaller I think and maybe a bit more "lift" along the bottom edge? Comments and critiques are always welcome.

Thanks for taking a look,


Cleaned enough to see the shop floor in Apex, NC!!

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