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Proof that it grows on trees

David Breth
>I noticed some groundskeepers working along a fairway that adjoins the street I drive every day. Kept an eye on their progress, knowing that a sharp eye might yield some orange osage. Drove by on my lunch hour today. Discards were neatly piled at the curb, awaiting disposal. How convenient!

I'll bet I'm the only guy within 20 miles of here (maybe even more) with three 16" long logs of orange osage in the trunk of his sunfire and one 6-footer in the passenger seat. Diameter isn't tremendous on any of these, and there is some crackout, but there is plenty of useable wood there.

I didn't think too much of the Pontiac Sunfire when I "inherited" it from my wife after we bought a minivan, but it did hold a trunkful of cherry last week without breaking the springs, and it did hold a pretty scary-heavy amount walnut not too long ago. I could start to like this car if that keeps up.

David B.

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Proof that it grows on trees
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