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Leonardo da Vinci *LINK*

Ron in Drums PA
>I was looking around on the Worshipful Company of Turners of London's website and I found a history of wood turning and I thought this section was pretty neat.


"Some of the most important inventions of the 15th century are depicted in Leonardo da Vinci’s ‘Codice Atlantico’ (c.1500) and they include:
- the first floating mandrel for screw-cutting;
- a longbow in place of the traditional pole thus taking up less floor space;
- a cranked flywheel that had the tremendous advantage of continuous rotation providing constant speed and thus improved control over the cutting tool;
- a drive between two bearings of the headstock and
- a tailstock with screw adjustment to turn work-pieces of different lengths between centres."


From this it looks like today's modern lathes has a direct connection to some of da Vinci's inventions.

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