Turning Archive 2006

Even more tool handle nonsense!

steve antonucci
>Here are some things that I do when I make tool handles that really help improve the quality of my life and turnings:

1.) Use pretty wood. Might seem like an extravagance, but ugly tools have no place in my shop. I use heavy, cheap exotics and figured woods to make pretty handles. Since your going to touch them everytime you turn, might as well "maximize the experience".

2.) Make them to fit YOUR hands. My hands are small, and I size my tools according to my feel. If you had big hands, you'd hate my tools.

3.) Make them "different" shapes and lengths so you can easily find them in your tool rack. I'd go nuts if they all looked alike and I had to touch them to find a tool. I use different woods, and sometimes carve a letter in the back of the handle, just so I can quickly ID it. In a pinch, I have also wrapped a parting tool with electrical tape.

That's my contribution for the day.


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