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Stihl chainsaw problem, & solution

Ken Grunke from SW WI
>I'm not sure if this applies to other Stihl models or not, but my little Mini Boss, which had just gone beyond a year's use, started running poorly and there was some kind of fluid oozing out from the muffler. This was in the hands of a friend I had loaned the saw to, who isn't too keen on things mechanical. I had notions of him doing something he shouldn't have done, like add straight gas to the tank, or some other awful thing. It still started right up and ran, but seemed to have a bit of an extra rattle, like a worn connecting rod or something and had no power.
I asked my friend to take it in to the dealer, as I didn't have time and he offered to pay the expenses if the saw was repairable. He comes back to me saying the service guy knew right away what was up, without even looking at the saw. He sent my friend right back out the door with the solution and when I heard it, I was kind of skeptical because of the internal noise, I thought the saw was a gonner. The fix was just too easy to be true, and I let it sit for a week before finally getting to it today.
Clean the muffler screen, behind the little louvered plate. Burn the gunk off with a torch--I used a kitchen burner. Get it red hot, so the gunk turns to ash and can be blown away.
The saw now runs like a champ again, and I'm so happy to have one less thing to worry about!
Hopefully I can save one person from an unnecessary trip with this message.

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