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Captive Ring bottle stopper - PIC

Mike Rubes, Apex, NC
>Hi all,

I should have called this "Ode to Ruth" as I got the olive wood and the metal part from Ruth Niles! I got the wood this summer up in PA at Bill Grumbine's picnic and the stainless steel part from Ruth later. I really like using the metal ones and those I've asked (that I've given or sold one to) seem to agree that they work very well. Olive is one of my very most favorite woods to work. I just love the way it smells and the buttery way it cuts. Be it spindle or face plate, olive is just play time when turning.

I did a practice captured ring out of a piece of birch and liked it so much, thought I would try with the olive. It was much fun to do, but I am still very cautious doing them! Finish is tried and true varnish and then buffed with the Beall system.

This one is the last gift I'll make this year. I think I am finally done!

Comments are always welcome.

Thanks for taking a look,


Really time to clean the shop in Apex, NC!!

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Captive Ring bottle stopper - PIC
I like it! *NM*
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