Turning Archive 2006

Poll: Hollowing Options

Greg Haugen
>If you only could choose one option for hollowing. Would it be freehand or captured? And Why? What "brand" do you prefer?

Mine would be freehand. I don't own a captured system even though I have tried out the two most common systems and I just really like the "freedom" and feel of freehand hollowing. There are alot of days its almost therapy. I also like to concentrate on facegrain oriented forms. I like having some options with playing with the sapwood and the grain orientation to add a little extra to the piece. I do prefer John Jordan's hollowers and armbrace handle as most of you know. They are still running the 10% discount until Christmas, just mention "Wood Central" when ordering. Not associated in any way with the Jordan's. Just a happy customer. www.johnjordanwoodturning.com

Anybody use the "Mighty O" system??


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